Europa Risorse’s track record speaks for itself, as do its valued professional relationships and the reputation of its experienced team.

Today, Europa Risorse continues its successful adventure with its new partners
Europa Risorse commenced its activities in Milan, providing project and development management services. This was undertaken with great care and with the need to establish credibility in the Italian real estate market, one of the firm’s key aims. Europa Risorse established a new approach to real estate investing in Italy: the firm was the first to develop complex projects, add value and work on tailor-made solutions for tenants on an international basis.

The firm achieved high quality and rewarding results. The first deals were developed in a professional and timely manner, unlike any deals previously in Milan, and Italy in general. Europa Risorse’s approach and relationship with clients, authorities, professionals, and tenants was the “new way” for the Italian market. This, together with Europa Risorse’s marketing experience and cost, quality and time control procedures, resulted in the firm establishing its positive reputation within in a few years. The L’Oreal build-to-suit headquarters and Bodio Center, the re-qualification of the former Alcatel area, today represent milestones for development projects in Italy. Orti Antichi, the first large scale services apartment concept in Italy, and Maciachini, an even more complex re-qualification of a former industrial area, continued this innovative approach.

Over the years, Europa Risorse has brought its experience to many projects managed on behalf of third party institutional investors, starting with Doughty Hanson & Co Real Estate, BPD Property Development and BNP Paribas, then Fimit, Fintecna, Patron Capital, Degi, IVG, Zurich Insurance, Sanofi Aventis and Aareal Bank. After the first projects in Milan, Europea Risorse continued its activities with: Monteluce in Perugia; Orizzonti Residence in Brescia; San Lazzaro in Padua; Sacca Sessola Hotel in Venice; the Molin Palace in Venice; Cavour 220 (a Giorgio Armani lifestyle project) in Rome; Marina Velca in Tarquinia; the Memorial of the Holocaust in Milan; Europarco in Rome; and a residential portfolio for Fondo AQ in L’Aquila.

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